Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Medicaid Service Coordination

Jewish Family Service provides Medicaid Service Coordination for individuals of all ages with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSCs) help these individuals and their families gain access to services and supports appropriate to their need. Medicaid Service Coordinators assist individuals with disabilities in becoming fully included within their communities and providing a strong voice when advocacy is needed. For more information email or call (845) 341-1173 x308.

Lunch Program

Holiday model Shabbat meals at lunchtime are held for adults with disabilities in order to provide a social opportunity to connect with peers and celebrate traditions. These events have a Jewish theme and include some prayer and festive songs; they are open to anyone with a developmental or intellectual disability who would like to participate. For more information email or call (845) 341-1173 x305.


Our Roots Program is designed to enhance connections and celebrate tradition among Jewish adults with intellectual disabilities and encourage non Jewish individuals to attend as well. Through social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs that highlight Jewish holidays and traditions, we help foster a sense of pride and belonging within the Jewish community during this seasonal program. We invite all individuals to attend our programs and offer them a connection to our community. A warm introduction to different traditions is provided. The Roots Program meets for a Fall session and Spring session at locations in Middletown and Newburgh. For more information email or call (845) 341-1173 x308.